cheap wooden spoon and fork

Handcrafted Wooden Spoon and Fork

Refill ‘N Beyond is not just a refill station but also an online store to showcase locally made products such as our wooden cutlery set of spoon, fork, and chopsticks. The cutlery set is made by a community in Nueva Ecija.

Our cutlery set is made by Kamagong wood. Kamagong is a native Philippine tree with the scientific name Diospyros Blancoi which is often used for furniture and is carved into hair combs, knife handles, spoon, fork, and now chopsticks.

Wholesale price is P55/set (spoon and fork) for a minimum order of 100pcs.

Wholesale price is P110/set (spoon, fork, and chopsticks) for a minimum order of 100pcs.

Kamagong wood doesn’t mold. However, its color changes and back to its original color (black) in time.



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