• Refill At Home, Work, and Community!

    Through this partnership, we can both minimize the waste and plastic use by our collaborative efforts to be the store with a green heart.

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  • Refill At School

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  • First refill cookie store!

    Bring your own container in refilling your all-time favorite homecooked oatmeal cookies!

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  • Start using natural hair & body shampoo bar!

    Say no to sachets! Bring this shampoo and soap anywhere, anytime! Grab your stocks now!

  • Refill hand soap

    This natural with lemongrass scent hand soap is perfect for home, hotels, resorts, hospitals, restaurants, and more! Now on sale!

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Refilling Station Business Package

This project invites human resources personnel, marketing, and PR managers, and general managers of companies to partner with us and bring this concept at work every payday.

Companies will purchase liquid products from us and sell according to the price per ml.

Through this partnership, we can both minimize the waste and plastic use by our collaborative efforts to be the store with a green heart.


The more refilling stations and package-free stores, the better! That’s why all of our items can be shipped nationwide!

Free shipping

Ordering more than 20 items? We got you!

*Terms and conditions apply.

Secure Payment

Payment methods:

Bank deposit


Check (for corporations and bulk orders)

Credit Card – soon


Customer service at its finest. We hate bad service ourselves. We will help, guide, and support you until you are satisfied.

Refill Programs

Refill At Home: Store to home setup wherein one can have their own refill station and/or visit our partner stores to buy and refill.

Refill At School: Since the youth is our generation, we intend to partner with schools and sell it there as well.

Refill At Work: Companies like restaurants and hotels may bring the concept to their workplace so employees may experience it as well.

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