LOOK: 2020 Olympic Medals Are Made Of Recycled Mobile Phones

We’ve known Japan as the country of innovations, agility, ingenuity, and discipline. It’s every country’s dream to instill that knowledge to every citizen, and together, rise as one nation.

Truthfully, “recycling” is just one the 5R’s of the environment. In case you didn’t know, 5Rs means:

  • Reduce
  • Refuse
  • Reuse
  • Repurpose
  • Recycle

Recycling alone isn’t enough to manage our waste. The linear economy, which sells convenience to most of us, is one of the reasons why we keep sending wastes to the landfills and the ocean.

The country has been viral for their innovations and how respectful they are, and once again, Japan has once again changed the game in the “green world.”

Tokyo2020.org has published their progress update through an article showing and stating the current situation of their Tokyo 2020 Medal Project.

What is The Medal Project?

According to the website, the Medal Project started in April 2017. It is a platform and the country’s way inviting Japanese individuals and leaders to collect used electronics or e-waste for Olympics use.


Screenshot from Tokyo2020.org website

Japan collected used mobile phones to make Olympic medals for 2020’s Olympic games. They started collecting in 2017 and now have 100% Bronze medals made; 85.4% Silver medals, and 93.7% of Gold.

The entire country was able to collect 5.75 million used mobile phones!

Japanese has shown the world that we can do so much to better and preserve our only home.

Now that you know where those medals are made from, let us be reminded to do our part in caring for our environment.

If you can’t refuse, reduce. If you can’t reduce, refill. If you really can’t, seek help from communities and friends. Together, we can do this.


Read the full story here: Project Progress Updates.


How about you? What would you sacrifice for our environment?